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The goal of the NSF ADVANCE Program is to increase the participation of women in the academic science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and social, behavioral and economic (SBE) science careers. Since 2001, the NSF has invested over $130 million in over 100 institutions to help affect the underrepresentation of women in these fields.


The U.Va. CHARGE program has three goals with activities supporting each of the goals. Learn more about the activities and goals of the program by clicking on the links below.

  1. Goal 1: 21st Century Departments
    • Advocates and Allies
    • P&T Review in SEAS
    • Chairs and Deans training
  2. Goal 2: Recruitment and Hiring
    • Academic Search Portal
    • Recruitment Grants
    • Faculty Search Seminar
    • Equity Advisors
    • Innovations for Dual Career Faculty
  3. Goal 3: Voices and Visibility
    • Social Science Research on Sense of Safety and Productivity
    • Oral History and Photo Projects
    • Enhancement Grants


Link to full NSF ADVANCE proposal
Link to U.Va.'s NSF ADVANCE abstract
U.Va. CHARGE Brochure

News and Events

American Council on Higher Education (ACE): Pipelines Pathways and Institutional Leadership Status of Women

UVa CHARGE Program Update

NSF LogoLast Spring, the CHARGE program hosted its 3rd Year Site Visit by NSF. The purpose of the site visit was to provide an external mid-point evaluation of the program and a set of recommendations to improve programmatic results. Overall, CHARGE had a very positive NSF site visit resulting in some exciting changes in our program. Many faculty members participated in the site visit, and we send a heartfelt thank you to all participants—you made it a success! 

As a result of the site visit, CHARGE combined and restructured the program goals in order to take advantage of synergies between old and new projects. We are also proceeding with institutionalizing our projects that have shown success so they will be sustained beyond the life of our grant.

For more details on change on changes to the CHARGE program, please go here.


UVa CHARGE Candidate & Faculty Guide

Please visit the new UVa CHARGE Candidate & Faculty Guide for UVa and Charlottesville!

UVa Female Astronomers in the News!

Op-ed written by UVa Astronomer and CHARGE team member, Kelsey Johnson. Dr. Johnson's recent significant scientific discovery received considerable press; however, the press misidentified her as a man. Read Dr. Johnson's take on why this error matters for women in STEM!

Another UVa female astronomer -- and CHARGE enhancement grant recipient-- in the news! Check out this story about Dr. Anne Verbiscer. http://news.virginia.edu/content/uva-scientists-expect-witness-unexpected-new-horizons-flies-pluto


Academic Search Portal ButtonThe Academic Search Portal provides the following information and resources to faculty, whether you are on a search or will be in thefuture:

  • Applicant and candidate evaluation tools
  • Bias literacy training
  • Dual career best practices
  • Resources and research on recruitment and hiring
  • Faculty Guide for candidates and new faculty
  • Visit us here: http://uvasearchportal.virginia.edu/


UVa CHARGE Enhancement Grant winner, Astronomer Kelsey Johnson, Makes Scientific Discovery

UVATODAY:Astronomer Discovers Cosmic 'Dinosaur Egg' About to Hatch

About the UVa CHARGE Enhancement grant: “This funding was essential to helping me keep my work (and therefore me) visible at a time in my life where it is easy to fade into the scientific background due to my family responsibilities. I was subsequently awarded an NSF grant to continue this project, and I suspect that the visibility that the Enhancement funds helped to provide was important in this process.”--Kelsey Johnson


Headed in the Right Direction!



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Investing in Our Future

At the University of Virginia, we endeavor to provide an excellent education, create new knowledge, encourage innovation and promote a culture of integrity and equity. The NSF ADVANCE grant, and the programs that will come out of it, are an investment in our future. They provide opportunity and means for all members of our community to participate in realigning our current culture and demographics with our most deeply held ideals and values. With women’s increased Ph.D. attainment in STEM-SBE fields, hiring the highest quality faculty requires that we broaden our networks to attract the best. Both our fundamental commitment to fairness and equity, as well as academic rigor, require that we develop and retain our increasingly diverse faculty. We can only be at our best through the creative problem solving that comes with diverse groups of thinkers. Broadening the participation of women in STEM-SBE fields will strengthen the University’s ability to compete in the increasingly global environment of higher education. U.Va. CHARGE will better enable us to achieve our aspirations as an inclusive institution, to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their gender, have the opportunity to excel.

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This is an ambitious effort that will require the assistance of many! If you are interested in getting involved, we welcome your participation. Please send an email to the team at uvacharge@virginia.edu. Feedback and suggestions are also welcome.

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